My Jewelry Store Price Guide

The Jewelry and Watch Repair Online Price Guide

We are excited to announce and implement our NEW Price Guide. Let us assure you that there has been hundreds of man hours spent to design and implement this new book. We know everyone had issues with the old electronic book and we have made every effort to re-design and overcome all those issues with the old book. Are there going to be glitches, yep. Correcting the human error behind developing, assigning SKU’s and prices are a part of the process of refining and we will need everyone’s input to correct these errors, but this is the most in-depth and easily modified Price Guide we have had in our stores to date. The other great benefit of this Price Guide is there are no “cookies” to disable—you merely need to log in and it STAYS logged in as there is a dedicated server for just this Price Guide. This Price Guide was designed to be used at the counter intuitively and easily by experienced and most importantly, NEW employees.

It is now available for any Fast Fix store owner to use!

Special Features

Search function

— allows you to search for any category and to instantly find any service. Just start typing and available items are displayed in an ever decreasing list to make finding exactly what you are looking for quick and easy.

Walkaway button

— is designed for your staff to tabulate whenever a service is accepted or rejected. With the push of a button a report is then generated that lets you know exactly how many times a service was accepted/rejected because of price. This lets you tailor your pricing structure for your market or to use as a training tool.

Stuller Showcase

— provides a link that connects you to your own Stuller Showcase. Stuller Showcase (you will need to set up with Stuller if you have not done so) allows you to show any finding, mounting or stone on Stuller’s website with retail prices that you pre-determine at setup, thereby allowing you to increase your sales in real time. It also allows you to place orders from the Price Guide onto your Stuller account that you can pick up when you place your regular orders.

Hyperlink function

— this provides you the ability to create links within the book to take you from one place to another within the Price Guide. All with just the touch of a finger.

Watch search function

— type in the brand name of the watch to find the model you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Watch brands

— if a watch comes to the counter that is not in the Price Guide your staff can add it right at the counter in real time so that you don’t have to go back and add it later. You also can switch the caliber of watch as you prefer. You don’t have to wait anymore for someone else to do it.

Watch parts

— this was created to pull out every single watch finding that we commonly use and put it under its own subcategory for ease-of-use.

Scrap gold buying table

— this newly added function lets you set what percentage you want to buy silver and gold and platinum just by entering in the pennyweight. It gives you this sale price and the trade-in price at the push of a button. The market price is changed to daily to reflect current conditions.

Sharing capability

— because we are sharing this book amongst ourselves, it gives it a chance for everyone to make a contribution. Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome.


— this is your first place to train new people in a way that makes sense with a real hands-on device. Coming soon!


Complete control of Pricing.

Each market is different and only YOU know the best prices that fit your store’s needs. You can customize each category or you can customize each and every price-the choice is up to you.

Complete control of Customizing and Editing.

The store owner can use the Geller SKU package or the Epricebook SKU package or even develop your own SKUs to fit your needs. You even have the option of no SKUs.
As the store owner, you can customize for your stores’ needs all categories, tables AND repair descriptions.
This Price Guide will even let you add new categories or subcategories-all with the click of a button.
These repair categories have unlimited breakdown capability, giving you the ability to style the book in a way that’s easiest for you and your staff.

Graphics are easily added.

Graphics allow for quick visual reference to identify a category or page. Each section and page allows you to add any image from any source that you wish.

No special skills needed.

Regardless if you are skilled in html code or just need to point and click, this book allows you to work at your skill level to develop a book that is customized to your stores needs.

Check out the Demo

Contact us to try out the demo and see for yourself just how easy it is to work with our NEW Price Guide.

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We feel this new Price Guide will aid you in growing your business by offering your customers consistent service and pricing, and allow you to better train your employees in pricing your day to day repair sales.

For questions and inquires please contact:

Lenny Plotitsa